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About Us

Our Mission

 The Grief Alliance of Michigan is a network of community organizations, professional grief providers, and individuals dedicated to the collaboration, communication, and collection of shared resources to better serve those who are living with grief.

About Us: About Us

Who We Are

Our members come from various walks of life, each of us sharing a passion to serve those who have experienced a loss. 

The steering committee that is driving the formation of this newly formed group include of members who facilitate grief support groups, work for hospice, work for a funeral home, run a grief support charity, provide grief counseling, and are studying to become a grief therapist. 

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About Us: About


We began our work to form this alliance when we realized that we could do more together than we each could do individually. This project began in early 2023. The official launch of this alliance will be in October 2023!

About Us: About
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